The War Rages On Inside Of My Head

I cry tears with no one to see
That all is dead inside of me

They burn as they roll down my cheeks
I swipe them away but they leave streaks

Not a soul knows the pain that is there
The loss of hope, the boundless despair

A vast empty void is all there is
Filled with a voice that makes me his

An evil voice that belongs to a beast
He makes of my heart his very own feast

He laughs at my pain, feeds on the hurt
His dominance does he always assert

He corrupts all that is good and true
Twists it all till life do I rue

He hates me and wants to hear me scream
To beg and to plead and to fear to dream

He won't be satisfied till I beg to die
All that is beautiful does he deny

Yet I am he and he is I
So why do I believe the lie

He is the master corrupter of all that's good
For decades alone against him I have stood

He wears me down like a mountain in rain
He is my nemesis, all of life's bane

So forever more until I am dead
The war rages on inside of my head

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Comments (7)

  1. jjj22

    Damn, that’s good!!

    June 16, 2016
    1. noahbody


      June 16, 2016
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  3. belladora

    That sums it up pretty well. Nice.

    June 17, 2016
    1. noahbody


      June 17, 2016
  4. honestycounts

    Is any of this on the up and up, or purely fictitious?

    July 19, 2016
    1. noahbody

      not sure what your asking. It is a poem. And no it is not fictitious.

      July 19, 2016
      1. honestycounts


        July 19, 2016